Brake service

Joe from Coburg came to us explaining that he had a noise in his Holden Commodore when he applied the brakes and when we checked the brake pads and brake discs as part of the car inspection we found that the pads on the front were worn and needed replacing.

We were able to do that for Joe together with the car service and get him back on the road, safe and sound.

Another customer, John from Pascoe Vale, brought in his Toyota Corolla to us for a car service. We rotate the tyres as part of the car service and in this case we found that 2 tyres were badly worn. We arranged for 2 new tyres to be put on the front of the car and completed the service.

Penny from Strathmore brought her Hyundai Getz into us for a log book service and was concerned that her new car warranty may be lost if we did the car service on her new Hyundai. We explained that we do log book services the same as dealership mechanics so you retain your new car warranty. We did her car service and completed her service book.

On every car service we check the condition and strength of the coolant by using Ph strips. We did this to a Toyota Camry owned by Jill from Essendon and found that the coolant was weak and was unable to protect the engine from corrosion. When we pressure tested the cooling system, we found that a welsh plug was leaking, most likely caused by the weak coolant. If this no action was taken, the car was in danger of losing water and the engine would have overheated resulting in very high car repair costs.

Janet brought her Mitsubishi Pajero from Northcote to us in Brunswick with no problems to report however when we performed the car inspection we found a cooling hose had cracks in it and may possibly blow before the next car service. We also found a slight oil leak which would not be a problem for her until after the next service. So we recommended to her to change all the cooling hoses as they were all the same age as the cracked hose and could be equally worn. The cost of this is relatively low considering the consequence of leaving worn or cracked hoses could be a blown head gasket or even a blown engine.

A Ford Falcon from Moonee Ponds came in for a car service and had a slight shudder in the steering. It was overdue for its service and had done 185,000 kms. During the car inspection, we found that a power steering belt was worn and recommended to the owner, Jin, to change the belt and replace the power steering fluid which resolved the problem.


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