4×4 Lift Kits & Suspension Melbourne

Get ready to boost the performance and appearance of your vehicle with the addition of a Climax suspension lift kit from All Care Automotive. Our Car mechanic Brunswick can expertly install the Suspension lift kits for your car. These lift kits are a bespoke modification to a truck or SUV to raise its overall height, provide additional inches of ground clearance, make room for larger tyres, ensure a smoother ride on bumpy roads and improve off-road performance substantially.

4x4 lift kits melbourne


Climax Suspension Specialist

Climax Suspension offers a wide range of 4×4 lift kits and suspension systems to suit performance cars, 4WD, SUVs, and commercial vehicles, sourced from some of the most reputed Australian manufacturers on the market today. At All Care Automotive, we have a team of Climax Suspension specialists with the experience and expertise required to assist our customers with their suspension needs.

Climax suspension specialist


Australian-Made 4X4 Lift Kits

At All Care Automotive, we have a vast range of Australian-made 4×4 lift kits from Climax Suspensions that are designed to provide the best off-road experience to the riders who love driving through rough terrains, steering through creeks, or climbing up steep hills.

Our Collection Of 4×4 Suspension Lift Kits

Koni 4X4 Suspension Lift Kits

Tempting to drive through gravel, slush or snow?  Investing in Koni’s 4×4 suspension lift kits can be a good option for you. Designed exclusively for 4WDs and SUVs, Koni lift kits deliver to ensure a higher level of safe, greater comfort, more stability and better road handling both on and off-road.

Bilstein 4X4 Suspension Lift Kits

Designed exclusively for the Australian driving conditions, the 4X4 suspension lift kits from Bilstein are the best choice for those who want to get the most out of their off-road ride. The shock absorbers are manufactured to the highest industry standard to deliver better performance and off-road handling.

Lovells 4X4 Suspension Lift Kits

Utilising the cutting-edge technologies, Lovells, an Australian-owned and operated company, has come up with high-grade suspension lift kits that can maximise your vehicle’s performance in the most demanding off-road conditions of Australia. Combining shock absorbers, springs and other alignment components, the 4×4 lift kits from Lovells are available for all sorts of vehicles, ranging from performance vehicles to mining vehicles and freight locomotives.

Tough Dog 4X4 Suspension Lift Kits

Offering tailor-made suspension packages to just about every kind of 4WD vehicle available, Tough Dog represents the pinnacle when it comes to Australian-made 4×4 suspension lift kits. Designed to cope with the harshest driving conditions of Australian roads, these 4×4 lift kits ensure quality ride, proper handling, and better load carrying capabilities.

Ironman 4X4 Suspension Lift Kits

Designed to enhance the adventure of Subaru drivers, the new Ironman 4X4 All Terrain Suspension kits provide better stability, control, comfort, and extra ground clearance over bitumen, sand, snow, and mud. Each kit comes with coil spring and nitro gas strut shock absorbers, sway bar relocation kit, exhaust hanger rubbers, and sub-frame alignment kit that you need to upgrade the suspension in your Subaru.

Polyair 4×4 Suspension Lift Kits

If you drive heavy commercial vehicles such as trucks, vans, trucks, SUVs, or any load-carrying vehicles, you could benefit from having Polyair lift kits installed in your vehicle. These kits are air adjustable, giving you the flexibility to adjust the pressure when towing and ensuring a smooth ride when unloaded.

Whiteline 4X4 Suspension Lift Kits

Whiteline is one of the leading providers of suspension lift kits in Australia, giving the best suspension solution for 4X4s, SUVs, 4WDs, and performance cars. These lift kits have been put through rigorous testing to ensure the safe working height and maintain the standard suspension.

Eibach 4×4 Suspension Lift Kits

If you are looking for a perfectly tuned suspension system that can provide both on and off-road performance, you can’t go wrong with Eibach 4×4 suspension lift kits. Each lift kit is designed cautiously to deliver maximum ground clearance, enabling vehicles to overcome large obstacles, control through rough terrain and provide on-road comfort.

KSport Suspension 4X4 Lift Kits

KSport has gained an immense reputation for producing high-performance air suspension lift kits with adjustable designs and cutting-edge functionalities. Designed for easy bolt-on installation, all air suspension kits feature high-quality airbags that can handle the abuse of daily driving. With no modification required to shock absorbers, the KSport air suspension can be raised to the maximum height in a jiffy.

Ultima 4×4 Suspension Lift Kits

Tackle rutted trails, sand tracks, rough terrains, soggy creeks, and muddy paths by adding a suspension lift kit to your 4WD from Ultima. From basic coil spring lift kits to the most comprehensive kits that include a variety of components such as Panhard rods bump stops, steering damper, transmission spacers, shackles,  U-bolts, and extendable brake horses, Ultima got a varied range of suspension packages to choose from.

KYB 4×4 Suspension Lift Kits

Designed with the 4WDs and tourers in mind, all KYB lift kits are comprised of superior quality components such as KYB struts, shock absorbers, shackles, U-bolts, bushes, trim packers, and leaf springs that take your driving experience to a new level. With so many suspension packages available from KYB, you can choose the one depending on your vehicle application.

King Springs 4X4 Suspension Lift Gifts

King Springs specialises in manufacturing high-quality coil springs for motorsport, passenger cars, performance cars, and 4WDs. Not only they can withstand higher operating stress, but also has superior resistance to sag, improved toughness, and better corrosion resistance properties.

Components From Climax Suspension

All Care Automotive has become a one-stop destination where you can find a wide range of shocks, springs, bushes, sports systems, 4×4 systems, airbags, torsion bars, pins, shackles, U-Bolts, struts, and more from Climax Suspension. Sourced directly by Climax Suspension from the leading manufacturers, these components are available at the most competitive prices at All Care Automotive.

Suspension Lift-Kit Installation

Our suspension specialists are trained professionals who can carry out suspension lift kit installation on just about every kind of vehicle, including Jeeps, trucks, vans, SUVs, 4WD, sports cars, performance cars, and commercial vehicles. We can install the suspension lift kits without voiding the statutory warranty of your vehicle, so you can rest assured that your vehicle is in safe hands with us.

For any queries related to our suspension kits and installation service, feel free to call 03 9384 0401 and get in touch with All Care Automotive today.



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