Car Service

To keep your vehicle running at its best, you need to perform a car service on a regular basis. For older cars, this is usually every 10,000 kilometers or 6 months; whichever comes first. For newer cars, you need to follow the car log book’s instructions for servicing. This results in cleaner engine oil running around your engine which can extend the life of your engine and reduces your ongoing car service costs.

At All care Automotive, our car mechanic will perform a thorough car inspection using a comprehensive checklist, each time we service the vehicle. This includes cooling system checks, brake system checks, fuel system checks, transmission system checks, and many more. In fact, we do 42 separate checks as well as changing your oil and oil filter and topping up fluids. Once the car inspection is completed, we produce a prioritised list of items that need attention. This gives you important information about your vehicle and allows you to plan for your car repairs in the future and by judging faults in order of priority, you can repair the urgent items first and the least important items can be delayed until it suits your budget. This way you are spending your money on the most important items first. It also can help to prevent small issues from becoming high car service costs and can help to prevent breakdowns.

At Allcare Automotive, we use Penrite Oil in all cars. This way we have one of the best oils on the market lubricating your engine. The type of oil used in your car is critical to its operation and Penrite has an oil for every car. Penrite ensures that their products protect your new car engine warranty and they have developed their products to adhere to car manufacturers’ strict specifications.

We also can perform diesel services, 4WD services, LPG services, Fuel Injection system services and Automatic Transmission services on all types of vehicles including 4WD vehicles, diesel vehicles & light commercial vehicles. We perform logbook service as well, so you can confidently bring your new car to us for its’ log book services.

  • your vehicle runs more efficiently
  • your car is operating safely
  • you avoid expensive repairs
  • and your chance of a breakdown is reduced.

Car Servicing

We can service your car while you wait in our comfortable waiting room or go shopping down Sydney Road. We also offer after hours pick up or drop off to make your servicing experience as easy as possible. Loan cars are also available.

Book your vehicle into our workshop by ringing All Care Automotive during operating hours on 039384 0401 or via our online booking service.


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