How To Choose A 4×4 Suspension Lift Kit That Meets Roadworthy Standards?

How To Choose A 4×4 Suspension Lift Kit That Meets Roadworthy Standards?

So you’ve got your eyes set on conquering tougher terrain. A 4×4 suspension lift kit can be the key to unlocking off-road adventures, but there’s a crucial factor to consider: roadworthy compliance. Choosing the right 4×4 suspension lift kit is crucial for enhancing your vehicle’s off-road capabilities while ensuring it remains roadworthy. Here at All Care Automotive, we understand the importance of selecting a kit that meets your needs and legal standards. Whether you’re visiting us for a car service or car repairs in Brunswick, our expertise can guide you in the right direction. Continue reading “How To Choose A 4×4 Suspension Lift Kit That Meets Roadworthy Standards?”

Summer Care: A Car Mechanic Guide To Take Care Of Your Vehicle

As summer is nearing us, it’s not just us humans who need extra care and attention during the summer months. Your vehicle, too, requires some special TLC to ensure it stays in top-notch condition. If you’re a responsible car owner, you need to get a car service Brunswick to have a smooth ride throughout the summer. In today’s blog, we’ll explore essential tips and tricks provided by experienced mechanics, especially in the bustling automotive hub of Brunswick. Whether you’re looking for Car Service in Brunswick, Car Repairs in Brunswick, or seeking advice on 4×4 Suspension Lift Kits in Melbourne, this summer care guide has got you covered. Continue reading “Summer Care: A Car Mechanic Guide To Take Care Of Your Vehicle”

Top Reasons To Hire Mechanics From All Care Automotive

Buying a car is one of the huge investments you make. That’s why it’s critical to protect the investment with a professional car service. If you are a resident of Brunswick and looking for a reliable car mechanic to service your car repairs, there are a lot of things to consider. However, if you are in our All Care Automotive facility, you will find trained auto technicians, specialists, and experienced mechanics in Brunswick to service and repair your vehicle. When you hire us, we always recommend top-notch maintenance to enhance your car’s lifespan. Before you surf to find the best mechanics Brunswick, let’s tell you why you should hire our car service in Brunswick. Continue reading “Top Reasons To Hire Mechanics From All Care Automotive”


Jane from Moonee Ponds was selling her Holden Astra which was 4 years old so she came to us requesting that we do a roadworthy inspection on the car. After checking the car against the set criteria from Vicroads for a roadworthy, we found that its windscreen failed the criteria as it had a crack going across the driver’s line of sight and so needed to be replaced. We were able to organise a replacement windscreen that day and then we were able to issue a roadworthy certificate.



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