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Your vehicle’s timing belt is a crucial piece of the engine that synchronises crankshaft with the camshaft. This toothed belt is installed in a way that it makes your vehicle’s engine operate accurately. A worn out or damaged timing belt can affect the efficiency of your engine and prevent it from delivering optimal performance. So, it is essential to get your timing belt replaced every 70,000 miles.

Timing Belts Brunswick East

If you live in Parkville and are looking for an auto repair shop that can help you with timing belt replacement, you can rely on the team at All Care Automotive. Our dedicated team of mechanics has years of experience in repairing and replacing timing belts on vehicles of all makes and models. With specialised tools and equipment, we will carry out timing belt replacement on your vehicle to the industry standard, exceeding your expectation.

How Is A Timing Belt Replaced?

The timing belt replacement involves a lengthy procedure. To begin, we will remove the engine timing cover and inspect the timing belt, pulleys and other associated parts. Our mechanics will prepare a detailed report on our findings as well as the estimate for the works that have to be performed on your vehicle. We never recommend any unnecessary repairs, and will begin the work only after getting a ‘go-ahead’ signal from you.

Why Is Timing Belt Replacement Important?

Ignoring the warning signs of damaged or broken timing belt can disrupt the working order of the piston and values, which could result in a complete engine failure. Replacing the timing belt on a regular basis will keep your vehicle’s engine performing at its optimal condition. So, you should always keep an eye on your owner’s manual to determine the factory recommended service intervals for your timing belt.

If you believe that your vehicle needs timing belt replacement, drop by your vehicle at All Care Automotive. For appointments and free quote, call (03) 9384 0401.


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