Timing Belts Coburg

Timing Belts ReplacementA timing belt is an internal component of the engine that rotates the crankshaft and camshaft in synchronisation. Depending on the make of your vehicle, this component also controls engine pump, oil pump and water pump. Without a good running timing belt, your vehicle’s engine can’t work properly. So, it is recommended to inspect your timing belt at the manufacturer recommended service interval. If you are looking for an auto repair facility that’s been providing timing belt replacement in Coburg, you can rely on the mechanics of All Care Automotive.

Complete Diagnosis:

When you come in with a timing belt problem, we will start with a thorough inspection of the component both mechanically and visually. Our mechanics also check the associated components, and this helps us to determine the exact cause of the problem. Equipped with today’s automotive technology, factory scan tools and advanced training, we make accurate diagnosis of the problem and perform the repair the right way.

Detailed Report:

After figuring out the problem with your timing belt, we will provide a detailed report on our findings. This gives you the opportunity to understand the exact cause of the problem. After all, we are educating you about your vehicle’s problem and on the way to fix it quickly and effectively.

Repairs Performed:

Cheap and low quality timing belts can wear out quickly and lead to more trouble. That’s why we only use the highest quality timing belts to perform the replacement. In addition to timing belt, we will also repair and replace the associated components, ensuring a comprehensive, long lasting solution to your vehicle’s problem.

You should never wait for your timing belt to break completely. It should be inspected and replaced regularly to ensure your safety as well as your vehicle’s safety on the road. Bring in your vehicle to All Care Automotive and let our team to make sure that everything under the hood is working well. For appointments, simply give us a call at (03) 9384 0401.


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