Roadworthy Certificate Northcote

Driving, selling, buying or re-registering an unsafe vehicle in Victoria is both illegal and dangerous. You need to produce a roadworthy certificate which is an evident that your vehicle is safe to be driven on the road. If you need a roadworthy certificate and are looking for an authorised auto repair facility in Northcote, you can count on All Care Automotive. We have a team of certified mechanics who will inspect your vehicle and issue the certificate if all the safety requirements are met.

Roadworthy Certificate Northcote

What Do We Inspect?

During the roadworthy inspection, our mechanics will be consistent and adhere to the safety guidelines imposed by VicRoads. We will pay close attention to all the safety components of your vehicle throughout the inspection process. Our mechanics examine the following parts and provide an unbiased report on our findings.

  • Wheels & tyres
  • Steering & suspensions
  • Braking system & clutches
  • Seats & seatbelts
  • Lights, indicators & reflectors
  • Windscreen & windows
  • Wipers & washers
  • Vehicle structure, chassis & engine
  • Other safety related items

Our Process:

Once the inspection is complete, we will also conduct a road test to assess the reliability and driving condition of your vehicle. If your vehicle passes the inspection and road test, we will issue the certificate at once. In case it fails, we will advise you on the repairs needed to make your car roadworthy and provide the estimate for the same.

If the recommended repairs are made in your vehicle within 7 days, we will arrange for the re-inspection at no extra cost to you. Make sure that you fix the vehicle problem within the time period; otherwise you will have to pay for the second inspection.

Would you like to book a roadworthy inspection with us? Simply give us a call at (03) 9384 0401 and talk to our experts today!


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