Fuel Injection Services – Diesel Cars

Fuel Injection

All diesel cars can have problems with water being present in the diesel fuel. The newer diesel cars have a common rail injection system which injects the diesel through the injectors at extremely high pressures. If any water is present in the fuel tank of a common rail diesel vehicle, serious damage can occur to the injectors resulting in a very expensive car repair. Another problem with common rail diesel cars is that the inlet manifold blocks up on some vehicles

A diesel fuel injection service can help to prevent these problems from occurring.

A diesel injection service consists of:

  • the fuel filter is changed
  • fuel injector cleaner is added through the fuel filter when the engine is running
  • the inlet manifold is cleaned with a EGR spray while the engine is running.

For most diesel cars, you can add a water separating filter for extra protection from water. If you ever suspect that your car has water contamination, under no circumstances should you drive the car until a car mechanic has removed all the water from the fuel system.


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