Logbook Service Coburg

If your car is still nearly new, you need to maintain regular service intervals not only to ensure the peak performance of your vehicle, but also to upkeep its new car warranty. Here at All Care Automotive, we have been providing logbook service to drivers across Coburg and the surrounding suburbs at attractive prices. As an authorised car service centre, we carry out the logbook service using high quality parts and fluids as per manufacturer’s specifications.

Logbook Service Coburg

Every manufacturer will set a service schedule, and have a checklist of parts that should be inspected, repaired or replaced at the specific interval. A logbook contains all these information pertaining to your vehicle’s service requirements. For your peace of mind, we will strictly adhere to the manufacturer recommended service intervals and take care of your new car servicing needs.

Benefits Of Logbook Service:

  • Logbook servicing is essential to upkeep the peak performance of your vehicle. It helps identifying the issues earlier and preventing major problems from occurring.
  • As logbook service is carried out in compliance with manufacturer’s specifications and guidelines, it keeps your new car warranty intact.
  • With logbook service, your vehicle will be maintained in its optimal condition, ensuring its great resale value.

Why Choose Us For Logbook Service?

  • We only employ factory trained mechanics with years of experience in performing logbook servicing.
  • We are trained to carry out log book services on all makes and models of domestic and foreign vehicles.
  • We only use quality parts, including oils, fluids and components wherever required to meet the manufacturer’s requirement.
  • We will list the parts repaired or replaced and stamp your logbook to show the full history of your vehicle.

So, if you are a new car owner and looking for a reasonably priced logbook service that would not void your statutory warranty, call (03) 9384 0401 and schedule an appointment with All Care Automotive. With one of the comprehensive checklists, we will get the job done right!


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