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All Care AutomotiveAre you looking to get your vehicle serviced? Or do you have any specific problem to be fixed? Let All Care Automotive become your trusted car service partner. Equipped with high end tools and industry-leading knowledge, we have been providing automotive services to our customers across Carlton North and the surrounding suburbs at fair prices. From scheduled maintenance to emergency car repairs, our mechanics handle everything with the utmost care, ensuring you a safe and hassle-free driving experience.

Our Services Include:

Roadworthy Certificate:

As a licensed vehicle tester, it is our job to inspect your vehicle and educate you on the repairs needed to make your vehicle roadworthy. Our roadworthy inspection focuses on all the safety components of your vehicle and is designed as per the regulations set by the VicRoads. If your vehicle passes the inspection test, we will issue the roadworthy certificate that is valid for 30 days.

Logbook Service:

If you own a brand new car that is covered under manufacturer warranty, you should opt for logbook service to keep the warranty intact. We have factory trained mechanics who will fine tune your vehicle in compliance with your manufacturer’s guidelines and help protecting the warranty.

Timing Belt:

Your vehicle’s timing belt is responsible for maintaining the synchronization between crankshaft and camshaft and helps keeping valve function in compliance with the piston position. Over time, the timing belt gets deteriorated and it needs replacement. Here at All Care Automotive, we will inspect your timing belt and get it replaced if required.

Diesel Mechanic:

We have a highly trained diesel mechanic team to provide inspections, repairs and maintenance on all diesel engines. From brakes, clutches and transmissions to full fleet servicing, we deliver a complete range of services when you need them.

Here At All Care Automotive, We Specialise In

So, if you are looking for an automotive expert in Carlton North, feel free to contact our team at 0393840401.


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