Timing Belt Replacement

Many cars have timing belts which are located at the front of the engine but cannot be seen as they are concealed by timing cover. Each of them have specific requirements regarding when they are to be replaced. This is found in the service book.

If a worn timing belt brakes, then the camshaft is prevented from turning which could lead to some of the valves staying open, protruding into the pistons. The crankshaft keeps rotating and can push the valves and bend them and sometimes this can damage the pistons as well. This adds up to a very expensive engine re-build which can be avoided through proper servicing.

Therefore it’s important to change the timing belt when it is due. This requires several hours work as it involves removing the timing cover and changing the belt and any other associated parts that are worn. Sometimes it’s better to use a timing belt kit which replaces the belt, tensioner, oil seals & bearings if the engine has done high kilometres.

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