Unfortunately, an engine can be damaged by overheating, dirty engine oil or lack of proper care and maintenance. In overheating cases, sometimes the damage is limited to the cylinder head but in more severe cases the entire engine is affected. This is why you must stop driving your car when it begins to overheat. If this happens, you can ring us at Allcare Automotive and we can organise to have your car towed to our workshop. Lack of proper care and maintenance, in most cases, will eventually, lead to the reduction of the life of your engine and components. Missing car services is one such example of poor maintenance. This is what happened to this engine.


Diagnosing a specific engine problem requires an experienced mechanic and the right equipment. The same goes for performing major engine repairs or engine re-conditioning. Our workshop has been performing these repairs for over 18 years. We can diagnose the engine problem, then give you options for your repair. We are able to rebuild your engine or we can fit a re-conditioned engine whichever is more cost effective.
For major repairs, we also can offer loan cars to customers in this situation so they are not inconvenienced.




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