Roadworthy Certificates

It is mandatory in Victoria for vehicles to complete Roadworthy inspections before they can be registered or re-registered or when buying or selling a vehicle. This helps to ensure that most cars on the road comply with safety standards. Allcare Automotive is licensed by Vicroads to perform Roadworthy inspections and to issue Roadworthy certificates for both petrol cars and LPG cars.

To obtain a Roadworthy certificate (RWC), your car needs to undergo a thorough vehicle inspection by a licensed Roadworthy tester in a licensed workshop. The RWC remains valid for 30 days after its issue. Then you are able to register your vehicle at Vicroads. If there were any items that needed to be rectified, you have 7 days to repair them to ensure that they meet the standards. Otherwise a complete car roadworthy inspection may need to be undertaken again.


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