We have included some stories from our own clients to demonstrate how our services can reduce your car service costs and keep your vehicle reliable and safe. The stories are true but the names have been changed.

We recently had a customer who wanted his Porsche serviced, but required a specialist mechanic to perform the work. We explained that we have experience maintaining as well as repairing all types of cars, including European makes, such as Porsche, Mercedes Benz, BMW, Audi and Volkswagen. We were able to service the Porsche and give our customer a satisfying and professional experience.


Jane from Moonee Ponds was selling her Holden Astra which was 4 years old so she came to us requesting that we do a roadworthy inspection on the car. After checking the car against the set criteria from Vicroads for a roadworthy, we found that its windscreen failed the criteria as it had a crack going across the driver’s line of sight and so needed to be replaced. We were able to organise a replacement windscreen that day and then we were able to issue a roadworthy certificate.

Another client, Liam from Footscray, was looking at buying a 10 year old Ford Falcon and needed a pre-purchase inspection to ensure that the car had no major faults that would result in extra costs later on. We performed a pre-purchase inspection and found that the car had been used to tow a boat and had been in salt water. This was only evident by putting the [...]


A Toyota Hilux came in from Preston, with problems starting in the mornings. The owner, Theo, said that the car won’t idle when the engine is cold. We connected our engine scanner to the car computer which showed up that a coolant temperature sensor was faulty. The sensor’s job is to allow the engine to get more fuel when it is cold, similar to a choke system in old cars. The car mechanic changed the Hilux’s coolant temperature sensor and the problem was fixed with a very simple car repair.

Kevin from Northcote came to see us with an oil leak and his Engine Oil light was on. We firstly needed to diagnose where the oil was leaking from and why it was leaking. His Toyota Camry had done 238,000 kms and that engine was covered in oil. We pressure washed the oil off the engine [...]

Joe from Coburg came to us explaining that he had a noise in his Holden Commodore when he applied the brakes and when we checked the brake pads and brake discs as part of the car inspection we found that the pads on the front were worn and needed replacing. We were able to do that for Joe together with the car service and get him back on the road, safe and sound.

Another customer, John from Pascoe Vale, brought in his Toyota Corolla to us for a car service. We rotate the tyres as part of the car service and in this case we found that 2 tyres were badly worn. We arranged for 2 new tyres to be put on the front of the car and completed the service.

Penny from Strathmore brought her Hyundai Getz into us for a log book service and [...]

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